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Obituary for Victor Julian Oleszczuk

Victor Julian Oleszczuk
November 3, 1988 - April 20, 2023

Victor Oleszczuk passed away in Calgary, Alberta on Thursday, April 20, 2023 at the age of 34.

Victor was the beloved son of both proud parents, Lucjan Oleszczuk and Marzena Oleszczuk. Victor Oleszczuk is the younger brother to his older sister, Sylvia Oleszczuk. It can be noted that both Victor and Sylvia, have a unique close sibling kinship, that started early in childhood as they often played together and remained very close till the day of his death. Victor was very blessed to have amazing godparents, Mirek Oleszczuk and Bozena Bozioch. In addition, Victor was very family oriented and travelled many times back to Poland to visit with many other family relatives, both living and deceased.

Next to blood tied relatives, it’s important to mention that Victor was very close with many friends and regarded his friends as close family members, for which he would always give a lending hand to. Some notable traits that Victor had, was that he was extremely sociable and popular, while always able to “work the room” getting people to laugh and smile. Victor had a very large social network and likely, impossible to capture all friend names, some notable childhood friends (still friends to this day) are, Tyler, Brian, Nathan, Kevin, Doug, Jimmy, Joe, Martin, Joel and so many others.

From an early age, Victor had notable personality characteristics, in that he was outgoing, social, super energetic, funny, intelligent, brave, and highly sensitive. He was very known for his rather contagious high energy, never being able to sit still and furthermore at times referred to a “class clown”. He had an innate talent for easily making friends and could read people very well. He was also quite intelligent, in fact too smart for his own good. He had wisdom beyond his age and could easily give life advice on various topics, even for those topics that he had little to no life experience in. However, his absolute best quality and what really made him shine is how he wasn’t really all that motivated by materialistic things but rather got more life fulfillment when he was helping and serving others, while carrying out God’s will and Divine plan. He had a heart of gold and would literally give the shirt off his back for a stranger and ask for nothing in return.

Some other defining characteristics about Victor, whether for better or worse, was that he was quite fearless and brave. He also appreciated being present in the moment and living life to the absolute fullest. To further build, from an early age, he took great interest in rather extreme activities and anything that could the heart pumping. Some example activities include, skateboarding, snowboarding, fishing, shooting, car racing, kickboxing, football, partying, DJ etc. Unfortunately, despite Victor's best efforts, he couldn’t always channel his high energy and overactive brain and unfortunately was swept under the powerful plague of a beast, called the “Almighty Addiction”. For many years he battled with addiction, having many near-death experiences, and could very well be referred to as a “cat with nine lives”.

Nothing could take him down and he was a very strong individual. Despite how hard it got, he would still strive to live as a good person and stay true to his moral values. As part of the battle, prior to Victor’s earthly departure, Victor was set to attend rehab. Unfortunately, he never saw this day and his life fell short, as he was put on a long wait list and unfortunately overdosed, with help being too late.

To commemorate Victor, hopefully more attention can be shed to the fact that addiction should not be taken lightly. As much as it is a choice, the magnitude of strength addiction can have, can really be almost argued a terminal illness. Through Victor's passing, hopefully we can collectively come together and better support that our system could be better improved to help and deal with this now societal crisis more effectively.

Victor, you will always be loved, and we will forever remember you each day. There is no doubt that you are sitting with our Lord right now, sitting in a better place now..…full of serenity and peace, as this is truly what you deserve. Please watch over us now, acting as a guardian angel, guiding us in the right direction, so that we may meet again.


A Visitation with open casket and Prayers will be held on Tuesday, April 25, 2023 from 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm at Choice Memorial (105, 4715 – 13 Street NE, Calgary, AB).

A Funeral Mass will be held on Wednesday, April 26, 2023 at 10:30 am at Our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic Church (2111 Uxbridge Dr NW, Calgary, AB). Graveside Service will follow at Mountain View Memorial Gardens (1515 100 St SE, Calgary, AB).

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