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Obituary for Calvin James Kennard

Calvin James Kennard
June 24, 2001 – September 13, 2020

Calvin Kennard of Airdrie died Sunday September 13th at the young age of 19 doing what he loved to do – cruising in his Audi sports car. Calvin was born in Calgary and spent most of his life in Airdrie but had the opportunity to extensively travel to Europe, throughout the States, and the Caribbean.

Just finishing a year off high school, Calvin had already established himself as an apprenticing baker and was about to embark on a business degree at SAIT. His love of the outdoors and adventure paled in comparison to countless hours self learning how to modify his car. Whether out rafting down a river, jumping from a cliff, shooting clay pigeons, touring in his car, or chilling with friends and family he was always there to lend a hand, have fun, or share a smile.

The family plans to hold a future Celebration of Life and tree planting in Calvin’s memory for extended family at a later date but a limited indoor memorial, given COVID indoor meeting restrictions, will be held on Friday September 18th at 2pm that will be video streamed from Kingdom City (formerly Airdrie Alliance Church).

Following this we plan to head to the old Scouts Community Hall parking lot (behind Genesis Place – 720 East Lake Rd.) at 5pm in preparation for a memorial balloon launch and invite you to write a few words on a balloon to send to Calvin

Calvin is loved and hugely missed by his older brothers Jacob and Robert, his parents Ana and Randy, a huge extended family, and great friends.

[Live-stream 1] [Live-stream 2] [Calvin Tribute Video]

Calvin briefly disappeared from the view of his family, friends, and community for a short time until he was found succumbed to his fight against mental health.

As a result, on the afternoon of Friday September 18th we held a Celebration of Life for our son Calvin Kennard also affectionately referred to as “Calvinator”, “CALVIN!!!” (if he was creating one of his own many “Calvin and Hobbes” moments) or “Cally” by a loving mother.

As part of this Celebration, guests were invited to inscribe any type of message from their hearts to Calvin or another loved one to a helium filled balloon – some escaped as they were eager to start their adventure early, but just a few.

The sky was a little smoky which allowed the sun to be seen as a golden orb high in the sky accentuating the natural beauty of the surroundings that afternoon.

The release started with a countdown and then the sky, starting slowly at first, began to gently fill with a sea of white balloons.

As a gentle breeze moved the balloons upwards to the west their colour contrasting in the sky so beautifully before becoming a part of the sky itself after just a few short minutes.

No one moved or spoke and just watched to the sky long after their balloon disappeared from view.

It was quite some time before people started to move and there was no rush to depart as they reflected themselves or with someone as soft music played in the background.

It was a perfect moment.

But there is no substitute for simply celebrating a lifetime with Calvin at our side!!

Be at Peace Calvin, you will always remain in our hearts until we meet again but until that time, it is now up to you to look after us from above.

Love Mum, Dad, Jacob, and Robert