In Memory of




Obituary for Bradley Rawn Stovra

My Brad left us to meet with Jesus.

He believed in Devine healing until his very last breath. We prayed, cried and believed together.

Brad was a great man of God. Kind, polite, very gentle spirit. He was so handsome and strong. I miss to hide in his strong arms/shoulders. We looked so good together. We were a great team. He listened very close and paid attention to details. He had great memory and always surprised me that he remember me talking about people he never had chance to meet.

My life become better after we met. I am a better person because of him. He showed me the true love and kindness I never experience before. He imprinted significantly life of my kids - I wish we would have more time to raise them together.
We prayed for kids salvation (André, Michelle and Anthony), protection and God favour. I know since beginning, that Brad is answer to my prayers requesting help. God send me the special person that was the best for me and the children. He came and rescue me.

We had dreams we will never realize.
My heart is broken because he is gone.

He always tried to treat my kids as his own. We only wanted to have a family together

I am holding all the great memories close to my heart - being thankful I had Brad in my life even if for so short time. I wish God would grant us more time together.
We both met our true love and that is the most important fact.
I called him Honey because he was so sweet like a honey to my soul. I said that many times to him.

We are blessed to know you Baby! Kids and I will always love you!

Brad I will love and miss you forever.

Your Baby Gosia